Heavy Equipment Conventions

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Equipment-Models-1024x683Throughout the year there are several crane events on the calendar that CPI won’t miss. We make a point to be a part of these shows every year for several reasons, but basically, it’s simply a good way to build relations. The more we’re visible the better it is to see us. I realize that sounds like a Yogi Berra quote, but it’s just a fact of the industry.

Business to Business
Just as a web design company would promote their services at local trade shows, a large equipment supply and manufacturing company would naturally show up at crane events. There are technical as well as mechanical advancements faster than most can afford, but there is a constant stream of useful communication between vendors. Cutting edge knowledge comes from learning what’s new. (Yogi again?)


Safety In The Industry

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Male worker at Construction siteAccidents involving cranes and hoists unfortunately occur on a fairly regular basis. It’s estimated that on average throughout the industry, 71 people die in crane related accidents every year. That’s why at CLP we are ever diligent about the quality of our equipment and can claim never to have issued a faulty piece of equipment or incurred any on-site accidents.

We never cut corners to save money. The work we do here and the quality of equipment we produce along with the operators and training we provide are all top notch. We even go above and beyond with our training to help Kansas City Tree Care Company and others prepare for tough emergencies when they arise. You see, we like to sleep at night. So every safety detail is monitored from the employees personal safety equipment to the top of the line machines we own and operate. We make sure that from beginning to end, we are giving the best quality service and product available.


Expertise And Training

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This industry is far more complex than any outsider would imagine. Fortunately for our customers, CLP keeps things straight forward and simple. We keep our regulars informed and up-to-date about new and used equipment along with training and available drivers. If your company has a need for any specific piece of equipment and we don’t have it, we will locate it or offer design specs that are customized for the job’s requirements.

Rigging is an area of expertise that is demanded on any industrial site. Rigging and crane operating, as well as knowing the right touch to put on a crane hoist requires a lot of working knowledge. In combination with experience the operator must be confident. Without these two important components the job site is looking at too much of a liability. Accidents are rare, and CLP’s aim is to reduce “rare” to none.


Cranes For Every Reason

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jib craneEach job requires individual applications. Our equipment is top quality and customized to the needs of the client. Every piece we help design, construct deliver and train on, is specifically intended to get a particular job done. Our sterling reputation of over two decades depends on it.

CLP recently worked up a design for a paving company that had been contracted for a project which involved accessing some rough terrain. They were employed to follow a newly constructed platform laid out by engineers who were bridging a large crevasse. The area required two Jib Cranes with long reach and steady platforms.