About CLP

Caldwell, Langston & Prouder

Providers of Unique Machinery & Industrial Crane Equipment

We are problem solvers. Our cranes and other specialty equipment are the answers that overcome the problems construction contractors face daily. We build, operate, train and specialize in the needs of the industry. We’ve been in business since 1989, and we are a one of a kind outfit. We respond to unusual requests for equipment that requires customization for particular jobs. If we don’t have a crane design that fits the need of a building contractor, we draw up a blueprint that covers their unique specification requirements. We custom build and train on the final product.

We are a family owned business that started out in the small machine shop in Lafayette, Colorado. Now we have over 100 employees and four locations with one in Wyoming and another in Nevada. My father, Jeff Caldwell, known to most as JD, was trained as a mechanical engineer, but always saw beyond the limits imposed by any one degree. With enormous amounts of new construction and state-wide growth, he saw a need and went about filling it. He is the definition of the American entrepreneur.

We are ISO qualified, following standards set by the International Organization of Standardization. When a customer comes in with a request we have a team of project managers that guide our staff from the beginning layout to the finished product and then through any necessary training. Every crane we build is custom, but we have the same policies and procedures that apply to every job. Our workers are in-house certified to keep close attention to the details, and we know when a piece of machinery leaves our premises we are delivering the best.

We believe we have the most talented work force in the industry. We act together as a unit which means that every piece of equipment delivered has been the personal responsibility of each of the men and women who have laid their hands on it.

At Caldwell, Langston and Prouder we are about superior quality and top of the line customer service.

Thank you for your interest in CLP.

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